Muhammad Tahir Abbas Khan:


I am really impressed by the excellent performance of this, what started as very small organization. The idea which started with a few schools providing free education in a backward area has now grown into a full fledged organization supporting communities in the fields of education and health. They already have a number of schools, free dispensaries, regular eye camps and even ambulance services in areas which could not even dreamt of such facilities. The most amazing part is the extremely low cost of operations. Providing free education to 30 students along with books etc. at a cost of as low as 5000 rupees is very very efficient utilization of funds.

Furthermore their support provided to the earthquake victims in the northern areas was very well organized as well. The innovative ideas of providing not only shelter but also employment by having AARA projects etc. are highly commendable. In short, this is an organization whose performance, growth over the past years, organizational set up and efficient utilization of funds provide lessons for other organizations to follow and learn from.

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