Dr. M. Rizwan Haider:


"Donors are always abundant. But donations always short. The reasons are obviously many e.g. Donor's lack of trust in modus operandi of organizations asking for donations, inapproachable senior office bearers and nontransparent spending. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which I could access Kawish welfare trust's top management, discuss my concerns and scan their monetary flow sheet. It was during our relief efforts for the earthquake victims in 2005 where I was volunteering for another NGO that I was introduced to Kawish. I was immediately impressed by their better management, quick decision making and speedy provision of services, all made possible through relentless efforts of self motivated team members. I carefully observed them for some time, then attended their meetings and saw them plan and expedite. I found them exactly what they claimed…..a welfare trust. I had no choice but to join them. And past three years have only made them more trustworthy in my eyes then ever before. I don't see them getting a reward in this world for what they do but I have no doubt that it is being compounded in "The Best bank Ltd"

Dr. M. Rizwan Haider
Director Acadmic Support
Ramad Services Inc.
Vancouver, BC